In 2013, a startlingly original music festival began in Prince George. Over the course of five years, it grew larger and stranger and more beloved–and then it stopped. However, as organizers have said in years past, “the future is an experiment…”

In celebration of the legacy of Casse-Tête: A Festival of Experimental Music, in 2023, Casse-Tête Records will release five recordings of the Stanley Jason Zappa Quintet – one from each year of the festival – free, starting with the remastered 2013 recording linked below.

There will be more news from the festival coming soon, so please watch this space!


Casse-Tête was a festival of experimental music—improvisation, free jazz, avant-garde compositions, minimalism, post-rock, noise, and more—that occurred annually from 2013 to 2017 in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. Featured Performers came from around Canada and beyond, including the cutting edge of Prince George’s own radiant scene.

Visit the Documents page on this site to read the past event programs, panel discussion transcripts, and more.

Our endless gratitude to everyone who made the festival what it was! Wishing you revelatory experiments for the future.