Thanks to our incredible 2016 artists, listed below, for sharing their music with us! The 2017 lineup will be posted as details become available.


isaak andal

Isaak is more than an experimental musician, exploring avant garde art in many mediums; written, spoken,  painted, sung…
He adores bees which have five eyes.


Kaia discovered experimental music early and it quickly became a deep and abiding passion.   A specific love for Canadian composers and supportive and encouraging teachers and mentors has allowed her to develop a feel and sensitivity for sound exploration.  Now 17,   Kaia spends hers days making beautiful music, skiing and dreaming.


Arkestral - Dio (1)The Arkestral Ki Harmonic Wudang Prajnagnostic Brahmanauts are a musical ensemble that cuts deeply to the root of spontaneous improvisation. Using visual media as a creative seed, the AKHWPB improvises to film and/or live theatrical elements, preferring to work with material that they have never seen before.  In this way, preconceptions and musical habits are abandoned in the quest for a complete and uninhibited musical connection to the visual elements of the performance.  Often playing in darkened rooms, distributed throughout the audience itself, the AKHWPB disappears as a ‘band on stage’ and leaves the visual material to fill the eye, as the AKHWPB fills the ear.  No two performances are the same, and not even the AKHWPB know what the next one will sound like.


Free-improvised metallic noise. Take up your cross and come with us.





Marina Hasselberg, cellist and Cathy Fern Lewis, voice artist were brought together by composer Rodney Sharman. Their first collaboration DEJA VOUS, revisits older contemporary songs for cello and voice, feature Cold Mountain Songs by Rudolf Komorous set to the poetry of Han Shan of the Tang Dynasty. A newly commissioned work entitled Messages by Hand: A Collection of Postcards by Christopher Reiche will be given its Premiere Performance. Garden Elegy by British composer Jocelyn Pook is set to the poetry of King James I of Scotland during his 18 year imprisonment. Also included on the program is Canto by Mark Hand, Sappho Fragments by Linda Catlin Smith (newly arranged by Hasselberg and Lewis) and excerpts from 13 Harmonies by John Cage.


Green Light Mausoleum is a dissonant affront to classification. This local father-son-and-two-of-the-son’s-friends project is the cacophonous product of almost two years of changing ideas, lineups, and guitar tunings. Come for the punk energy, stay for the erratic, reverberated droning. At the very least we hope to confuse you.


Jose Delgado GuevaraViolinist, violist, composer and educator.

Canadian born in Costa Rica, educated in Costa Rica, Michigan, France, Mexico and Mississippi.

Simple gestures to create an emotional effect.




casse-tete 2016 Along with being the Artistic Director of NOVO Ensemble, Marina is an active and passionate chamber musician specializing in new and baroque music. In 2008 Marina left her home country (Portugal) and moved to Canada where she was offered several scholarships and awards to pursue a Master’s in Literature and Performance at the University of Western Ontario (completed in 2010 with distinction). Since then Marina has performed with the Tafelmusik Baroque Summer Institute Orchestra (Toronto), American Bach Soloists Academy Orchestra (San Francisco), Victoria Baroque Players (Victoria, BC), Orchestra London (London, ON), Okanagan Symphony Orchestra (Kelowna, BC), Kamloops Symphony Orchestra (BC), and Vancouver’s Orchestra Armonia, NOVO Ensemble, Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, Redshift Music Society, Vancouver Pro Musica, Vancouver New Music, Stellaria, St. Andrew’s Wesley Oratorio Singers, The Little Chamber Music Series That Could, Turning Point Ensemble, Restless Productions, and Early Music Vancouver Cantata Project Players. An advocate for new works, especially those by Canadian composers, Marina has commissioned and premiered many new pieces with several more being written for future premieres. Marina’s love of all the arts, especially dance, film and theater, is leading to the creation of inter-disciplinary works that cross genre boundaries. As a baroque cellist, Marina dedicates a lot of her time to playing and studying the repertoire and historically informed performance practice of the 17th and 18th centuries. Marina plays an Italian cello from 1860, and a David Rubio baroque cello kindly loaned by Dianne Miskey.


Francois_1311-1“a spectacularly versatile clarinetist who appears to have
no limitations stylistically or sonically”
—Mark Swed, LA Times

Clarinetist François Houle has established himself as one of today’s most inventive musicians, in all of the diverse musical spheres he embraces. He has been listed on numerous occasions in Downbeat magazine’s Readers and Critics’ Polls as “Talent Deserving Wider Recognition” and “Rising Star”. Inspired by collaborations with the world’s top musical innovators, François has developed a unique improvisational language, virtuosic and rich with sonic embellishment and technical extensions. He has worked with Joëlle Léandre, Benoît Delbecq, Evan Parker, Samuel Blaser, Gerry Hemingway, Marilyn Crispell, Harris Eisenstadt, Michael Bates, Myra Melford, René
Lussier, Alexander Hawkins, John Butcher, Georg Graewe, Jerry Granelli, Håvard Wiik, Gordon Grdina, Yitzhak Redid, Guillermo Gregorio, Eyvind Kang, Hasse Poulsen, and many of Canada’s top creative music artists.

His extensive touring has led to solo appearances at major festivals across Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia. A prolific recording artist, he has released over twenty recordings as a leader, earning multiple Juno Award and West Coast Music Award nominations. He is the founder of Afterday Audio, a record label dedicated to the documentation and dissemination of his many musical projects and collaborations. In addition, he has appeared on numerous recordings on the Songlines, Red Toucan, Leo Records, Drip Audio, PSI, Between-the-Lines,Nuscope, Spool, hat[now]ART, Redshift, CRI, among others. He was artistic director of the Vancouver Creative Music Institute for 5 years. François Houle is a Backun artist and clinician. He plays Backun clarinets, mouthpieces, bells, and barrels. In January 2015 François joined the Artistic Team for Steuer Reeds in Canada.

Visit François on-line at



“It is like the roaring energy of punk meeting the possibilities of improv or like watching someone microwave jazz until it explodes all over the window in a yellow paste.”

(Was Ist Das)


Blowing minds all over the world since 2004 with hundreds of charming performances and some cult records, Jooklo Duo (Virginia Genta on reeds, flutes, piano, percussion and David Vanzan on drums) keeps spreading their powerful and uniquely vibrant sound, deeply rooted in free jazz avant-garde but heavily influenced by traditional folk music, and at the same time open to extreme sound experiments.

Over the years the perpetual research for new and challenging combinations has led Genta and Vanzan to form a large variety of ensembles and to collaborate with artists as Bill Nace, Chris Corsano, Thurston Moore, Dror Feiler, Dylan Nyoukis, Hartmut Geerken, Makoto Kawabata, Sabu Toyozumi, Tamio Shiraishi, and many others. This year at Casse-Tete, they appear in their JOOKLO ZAPPA incarnation with Stanley Jason Zappa.

The duo has also been working with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company alongside John Paul Jones and Takehisa Kosugi, performing for “Nearly Ninety” in Madrid (April 2009, Teatro del Canal), and in London (October 2010 at the Barbican Centre).


“Through my headphones I follow the rise and fall of thunderous notes issuing from Virginia’s saxophone. The percussion is shifting between one tempo and another as it sprints ahead of her fury then quickly slips behind to coast in its wake. The constant exploration is revitalizing and inspiring. While I’m swept up in its force I forget about the crush of humanity and all of its hopeless folly.”

(Joe Lally for Scene Point Blank)

“Boss Italian woodwinds/drum duo who skronk the big bulb of freedom as hard as anyone.”

(Byron Coley, The Wire)

“Nonstop, relentless, frantic, frenetic, explosive super rhythmic, wildly tangled and super psychedelic next level free jazz freakout.“

(Aquarius Records)

“The holy ghosts of ESP-Disk’ and BYG/Actuel live in Jooklo’s sound, style, and unrepentant forward thrust, a stop-and-you-may-die kind of spiritual commitment to this music and lifestyle.”

(Scott Mc Dowell, WFMU)

“These players haven’t forgotten the freedom that their improvisation is founded on and successfully avoid traps of convention and routine that can even exist for a “genre” designed to be rid of inherent traditions.”

(Jared Micah, The Esoterrorist)

“Genta is a monster saxophone player. Their material is not all that easy to procure, as their albums are pressed in small numbers. Nonetheless, they are a great favorite of mine right now.”

(Henry Rollins for the LA Weekly)


CATHY FERN LEWIS Catherine Fern Lewis is renowned as a highly versatile soprano and sound artist. An ambassador and active exponent of Canada’s new music and art scene, Lewis has premiered over one hundred pieces by prominent composers and created her own multi-media works that push the boundaries of performance. Lewis earned a BMus from the University of Victoria, BC; and devoted three subsequent years to vocal training in Europe and Canada, studying under luminaries Frances James Adaskin, Selena James, Mary Morrison and Pierre Bernac. She appears as soloist with symphony orchestras and in recitals of new and traditional music. Her improvisations have shaped the work of collaborators from other disciplines; many pieces have been written expressly for her. Lewis’ personal creative explorations are uniquely interdisciplinary, combining movement, sound, film and installation. Her site-specific work has been presented by art galleries and festivals in Canada and Europe. Lewis lives in Victoria BC and teaches at the Victoria Conservatory of Music.


middenMidden is a Gulf Island/Vancouver based musician and bioarchaeologist. He creates soundscapes inspired by the complexities associated with working with remains from the distant past. Midden explores themes related to his namesake, specifically the intersection between romantic notions of the past and mundanity and darkness of day-to-day life.


Patrick Kilcullen

Born and raised in Prince George, Patrick is a regular local performer. Although classically trained, he most frequently performs jazz or blues. When he is not performing live music around the city, he teaches piano to students of all ages at Dreamland School of the Arts. He is also a current graduate student in physics at UNBC. Photo credit: Pearl Loerke Photography.



oroPg9o9 is the name applied to music/sound projects from Oro Barton. He is an electronics instructor and builds homemade analog audio equipment: synths, pedals and sequencers as a hobby. He lives in Prince George BC and tries to never use a snare drum sound.




tumblr_inline_nnxnnsgkz71rholhr_500Rodney Sharman lives in Vancouver, BC. He has been Composer-in-Residence with the Victoria Symphony, the National Youth Orchestra of Canada and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. In addition to concert music, Rodney Sharman writes music for cabaret, opera and dance. He works regularly with choreographer James Kudelka, for whom he has written scores for Oregon Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet and  Coleman Lemieux & Co. (Toronto). Sharman was awarded First Prize in the 1984 CBC Competition for Young Composers and the 1990 Kranichsteiner Prize in Music, Darmstadt, Germany. His score for the music-dance-theatre piece, From The House Of Mirth, won the 2013 Dora Mavor Moore Award for outstanding sound design/composition (choreography by James Kudelka, text by Alex Poch Goldin after Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth). He was a 2014 Djerassi Artist-in-Residence, Woodside, California.



DarrenWilliamsSaxophonist Darren Williams has been winning over audiences in Western Canada with his unforgettable performances that stretch musical boundaries. Born in Winnipeg, now based in British Columbia, Darren holds a BFA in music performance from York University and has studied with Casey Sokol, David Mott, George Lewis, and François Houle. As a seasoned live performer Williams is a saxophonist and bassoonist who pushes the limits of improvisation and extended instrumental technique into regions that are lyrical, terrifying, uncanny, and “more fun than spiked punch live” (Georgia Straight). Called “a raw, vocal explorer,” (Stuart Broomer, Musicworks, Downbeat) Darren has performed with many renowned musicians including Eugene Chadbourne (USA), Chad van Gaalen (Calgary), Myk Freedman (NYC), Mats Gustafsson (Sweden), Ig Henneman and Han Bennink (Netherlands). He is involved in numerous ensembles and projects, notably co-leading and composing for the free-jazz quintet Robots On Fire which performed at the 2013 Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Williams was awarded a Canada Council for the Arts grant for a national tour completed in the summer of 2013 to promote his debut solo album Reed, a collection of his own compositions. Audiences can expect to be mesmerized by Darren’s incredible array of extended techniques on the saxophone as composition, improvisation, and physical endurance are explored within solo performance.


yawnsafissure press photoYawns a Fissure is the collaborative effort of musicians/sound artists/composers Rebecca Bruton and Alexandra Spence.  Performing with violin, clarinet, analog and digital electronics, they create structured improvisations that are equal parts music, spatial cartography, and witchcraft.  Together they wander through a delicate Chernobyl landscape, unveiling tiny, surprising sounds at the edge of silence.


Copy of Copy of sepia me an k black metal

I have been composing, singing, writing and playing live for 46 years.
That is way too long.


Living Man. Pan-Tonality. New Textures. Jaya Saraswati. Born in California. Raised in New Jersey. “Educated” in Ver­mont. Masters degree in “do­ing things the hard way” in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Drove around America aimlessly. Then Port­land. Now in Okanagan. Enormous debt to Bill Dixon, Charles Gayle, Milford Graves, Marco Eneidi, Daniel Carter, Rashid Bakr and many, many others in the Free Jazz disapora. Equal debt to Conlan Nancarrow, Frank Zap­pa, Die Winteriesse, Phil Lesh, Reggae and Lebenden Toten. “play every note at every tempo and every dynamic at least twice in no particular order.” “more = more”