The Future is an Experiment

Dear friends of Casse-Tête,

Thank you for your years of patronage, and for everything you have shared with the festival, and with me personally. We have made beautiful memories and music. That can happen again, and it will; I believe it may even happen again under the Casse-Tête banner. However, I do not know when–except that it will not be in 2019.

I had left this space quiet, because I was in conversation with a group about the possibility of reviving the festival in Prince George for this year, but that effort has fallen apart. This could have been a farewell message in which I announced the permanent end of the festival, but it expressly is not, because although Casse-Tête is dormant until further notice, it is not dead.

When it wakes up, I will tell you right away. Or you are always welcome to reach out to me if you want to help make that happen.

In solidarity and sound,

Jeremy Stewart